Our Team

Image by Kevin Delvecchio
Jessica : Store Owner, BSc., R.H.N.

My goal at Good Health Naturally is to provide you with superior nutrition and supplement advice while offering a great selection of Canadian and locally made products. Our team is a truly caring and knowledgable bunch who will put your wellbeing first every day. I look forward to serving you!
Shawnee: Store Manager, R.H.N.


Shawnee graduated from The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2008. She has been working at Good Health Naturally in Oakridge for many years, and enjoys the wonderful customers that she meets.

It is her passion to help people discover their own health journey through a holistic approach. Shawnee is always curious and willing to listen and learn from each experience to better help each customer.

Cyndi: R.H.N.


Cyndi has been actively involved in the natural health industry since 2001. An early life fascination with the miraculous human body and its incredible ability to repair itself via the Body-Mind-Spirit connection, led to the pursuit of optimal well-being for herself, her husband, her children, and now her grandchildren. She looks forward to accompanying you on your personal, holistic, wellness journey.