Creating A Personalized Supplement Regimen

Creating A Personalized Supplement Regimen

Have you decided to upgrade your health and wellness routine by adding a supplement or two, but the sheer amount of products out there is just TOO overwhelming to choose from? Even as a nutritionist, I find the amount of products and information available to me sort of overpowering sometimes! 

You may be asking yourself:

What brands do I choose and why?

What supplements do I ACTUALLY need and which won't serve me?

Among other questions.

Let's answer some basic questions to ask before you decide to purchase - so you walk away with the best supplement regime to suit your needs and wants!

#1 and the MOST important:

What is the main concern (or concerns) that I want to address?

This could mean stress, sleep, energy levels, hormonal imbalances, iron deficiency, exercise performance and recovery, bone or joint health, and the list goes on. I would try to settle on 1-2 main goals to start with.


What form of supplement am I most willing to take?

Do I prefer liquids and powders to capsules? Do I want to be able to combine everything into one easy shake? Or do I find capsules more convenient? This question could potentially narrow things down quite a bit, especially if you're not big on swallowing pills (I'm team liquid and/or powder myself)


Other than my main health concern(s), are there any other health concerns or health benefits I'd like to address when adding in supplements?

This question may actually be the most helpful, especially when visiting us in-store. As nutritionists, we would love to find as many multi-use products for you as possible. Since many vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements address multiple concerns, there is a chance making a list like this could help us cover multiple health goals with just a few products!

Now that we have those questions in mind, let's chat about some of the most important supplements we need for optimal health. Most of the suggestions below we just aren't getting enough of from our daily food intake, and they each can have a large impact on our health and longevity. 

1. Vitamin D3

Especially in Canada, it is important for use to be taking D3 from September through to April. This is when our exposure to sun goes way down, and it's important to add D3 in to keep our moods balanced and support brain, immune, and bone health. If you haven't added this to your list yet, you can look at our selection of Vitamin D3 supplements for the whole family here.

2. Omega-3 

Omega-3 is one of the most important and most under-appreciated supplements out there. Research shows a dose of 500mg of DHA and EPA (the active forms of Omega-3) is required for optimal brain and heart health - that is equivalent to eating 3-4 pieces of salmon WITH the skin each week. Needless to say, not many of us are achieving this recommendation. Omega-3s are hugely important for maintaining brain and cardiovascular health, as well as skin and immune health. Two of our favourites are Genuine Health's Extra Strength Omega-3 and Natural Factor's RX-Omega-3. 

3. Magnesium

In our often over-stressed and fairly sedentary society, magnesium is an under-utilized tool. It also happens to be one of those great multi-use supplements I mentioned before. Magnesium can be great for helping with muscle strains, muscle tightness, and even muscle recovery after a workout. This multi-tool mineral can also help calm and relax you during the day or help assist with sleep if you suffer from restless legs. 


Overall, the most important thing to do when choosing supplements is to get the right advice from the right people. At Good Health Naturally Oakridge, we have holistic nutritionists on staff every day to guide you to the right supplements. We also always recommend starting slow. Adding many new things at once not only could cause unwanted reactions, but leaves you not knowing what things are working and what are not. You know your body better than anyone else, so stick with what feels good and get advice from sources you trust.

Wishing you excellent health always,