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Put Some Pep In Your Step Essential Oil Kit

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Kit Includes: Orange Oil, Lemon Oil, Grapefruit Oil and Cheer Up Buttercup Blend

Aroma: Orange Oil -- Fresh, sweet orange peel Lemon Oil -- Fresh, lemon peel Grapefruit Oil -- Sweet, citrus Cheer Up Buttercup Blend -- Citrus with light herbal

Attributes: Orange Oil -- Refreshing, uplifting, invigorating Lemon Oil -- Refreshing, cheerful, uplifting Grapefruit Oil -- Purifying, cheerful, uplifting Cheer Up Buttercup Blend -- Uplifting, refreshing, energizing, an easy way to brighten up any dull day

Extraction Method: Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit - Cold pressed from fresh fruit peel Cheer Up Buttercup (Bergamot Oil, Orange Oil, Grapefruit Oil and Lemon Oil -- Cold pressed, Lime Oil -- Steam distilled)