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Good Health Naturally Oakridge

Supplement Consultation - 30 minutes

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This may be for you if:

- You currently feel like you are taking too many things and aren't sure what to cut out or where to focus when it comes to a supplements.

- You want a completely new routine but aren't sure where to start.

- You have been taking the same supplements for a while and want to make sure they are still the best option for you.

- You want a more tailored 1 on 1 experience where we can fully focus on your supplement goals for longer than what we can offer in-store to shoppers.

 We love to help you as much as we can in store while you shop- but you may feel the need to get a deeper, more individualized look at what supplements you should be taking. This 30 minute booking with a Holistic Nutritionist provides you with tailored supplement recommendations based on your current routine, goals, and budget. 

What You Get:

- 30 Minutes 1 on 1

- Assistance with goal setting for your health/supplement priorities

- Supplement planning and learning with a Holistic Nutritionist. This may include providing a list of current supplements or bringing your supplement bottles into the appointment so we can look through them together.

- Receive 15% off any supplements you choose to purchase immediately following the session.

Not Able to Make it In-Person?

Call us at 519-474-0140 or Email to inquire about setting up a virtual meeting!